We’ve been around a long time

Just as our rope, line and cord products have proven to last in the long haul, so has our name and reputation.  Our history winds back to days gone by, to the art of hand-made quality that outlasts the competition. With skill and expertise that only comes from years of perfecting many rope manufacturing techniques, our name holds its own.

Nowak Rope Ltd. is a family run business located in British Columbia, Canada. We have developed our finest results along the challenging Pacific ‘wet’ coast. The harsh terrain and oceanic environment has proven the reliability of our premier rope products.

Since our early days, back in the 1970’s, our founders have developed, tried and tested every product to ensure it’s strength, stability, agility, durability and quality. There were no shortcuts back then, as is now, and being brutal in our vigorous testing has proven the longevity of our name.

rope manufacturing - spools of various, ropes, lines & cords

Our Team of Integrated Experience

Within our company, our care and concern is interwoven into the heart of our team.  Our most valuable resource is our team of motivated, qualified and experienced staff focused on total quality and service.  Our senior staff members have over 40 years of rope manufacturing experience and are available to offer technical advice on our products.  Because of our uncompromising commitment to quality and service, customers have come to rely on us for their wide ranging and special needs.

Rope Manufacturing Technical Excellence

The experienced skill process starts directly with our intelligent ingenuity in our rope & line production protocols.  Years of research, material selection and implementation of cost-efficient production methods have pushed our expertise to the forefront of the rope industry.  Nowak Rope Ltd. produces an advanced type of leadline and corkline for the fishing industry in North America.

Quality You Can Count On

Knowing our customers’ needs and understanding them, is the foundation of our success. Fast response times enable us to provide outstanding customer service. We are proud of the Nowak Rope brand name, and guarantee the quality of each rope we manufacture. This commitment extends through every phase of our work.

We are fully dedicated to providing ropes to meet our customers needs in diverse application environments like:
• Commercial fishing
• Recreational boating, sailing & yachting
• Industrial
• Mechanical & hardware
• Marine, rigging & mooring
• Recreational sport & outdoors
• General purpose


We can send you samples of our ropes. 

 If you require a sample of one of our products,

please call us at Tel:604.271.5004 from 9:00am – 5:00pm PST

We’ll be happy to help you find the correct product(s)

for your specific application.