8 Strand Hollowbraid/Single Braid Poly

Single braid, UV stabilized, monofilament, polypropylene. Available in all colour mixtures except green.
Specific Gravity: .91 (Floats)

Larger sizes available. Please contact us for more information.

1/4 industrial single braid poly rope
1/4 industrial single braid poly rope
1/2 industrial single braid poly rope
3/8 industrial single braid poly rope
5/16 industrial single braid poly rope

Double Braid Nylon /Double Braid Polyester

rope supporting high rise window washers


Marine nylon twine sets the standard for quality and value. Made to exact specifications to fill the required needs of today’s industry. Each tube is fully wound and carries the proper amount of footage for its weight. Marine nylon seine twine is a far superior grade of twine of even diameter and strength.

Sizes #15 through #36 are an 8-strand single braid construction.
Sizes #42 through #333 are 16-strand single braid construction.

  • 100% Nylon
  • Gangion available upon request
  • Available in Black, Gold and White

Industrial twine in a variety of thicknesses

Life Lines

This is the strongest and easiest-to-handle line you can buy. It will stay flexible throughout its service life. The combination of high-grade marine nylon, special torque-balanced construction, and a unique stabilization process produces a long-wearing, easy-to-handle line. These lifelines are specially designed for use on Zodiac boats or lifeboats.

  • 100% Nylon
  • High elongation
  • Torque-free non-hockling
  • Stays flexible and very easy to handle
  • Very little degradation from UV. Can be used outside over long term if inspected regularly
  • Available in solid red, solid white and solid blue

Nylon Life lines
Nylon life lines

General Purpose Cord

General purpose cord with a braided nylon cover and parallel nylon core. General applications include starter cords, lawnmower cords, gas motor pull cords and drapery curtain pull cords.

Standard Pack: 1 spool per case.

starter cord
pull cord
cord for hardware
starter pull cord
cord for hardware uses