Marine, Rigging & Mooring Ropes

Used for docklines, anchorlines, mooringlines and lifelines.

8 Strand Hollowbraid

Single braid, UV stabilized, monofilament, polypropylene. Available in all colour mixtures except green.
Specific Gravity: .91 (Floats)

Larger sizes available. Please contact us for more information.

1/4 industrial single braid poly rope
1/4 industrial single braid poly rope
1/2 industrial single braid poly rope
3/8 industrial single braid poly rope
5/16 industrial single braid poly rope

Life Lines

This is the strongest and easiest-to-handle line you can buy. It will stay flexible throughout its service life. The combination of high-grade marine nylon, special torque-balanced construction, and a unique stabilization process produces a long-wearing, easy-to-handle line. These lifelines are specially designed for use on Zodiac boats or lifeboats.

  • 100% Nylon
  • High elongation
  • Torque-free non-hockling
  • Stays flexible and very easy to handle
  • Very little degradation from UV. Can be used outside over long term if inspected regularly
  • Available in solid red, solid white and solid blue

Nylon Life lines
Nylon life lines
life lines - when rope quality can make a life or death difference
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