Lines for Commercial Fishing & Aquaculture

Nowak Rope catches more fish!  There are many available commercial, marine, fishing and recreational products available – so filtering what is required for your needs requires expert navigation and product coordination.

Your environment is tough and so are our ropes. With performance and durability to outlast the most demanding surroundings.  Uses include corklines, crablines, longlines, trawl lines, leadlines, gillnets, and seinelines.

8 Strand Hollowbraid

Single braid, UV stabilized, monofilament, polypropylene. Available in all colour mixtures except green.
Specific Gravity: .91 (Floats)

Larger sizes available. Please contact us for more information.

1/4 rope / line for commercial fishing
1/4 rope / line for commercial fishing (blue)
1/2 rope / line for commercial fishing
3/8 rope / line for commercial fishing
5/16 rope / line for commercial fishing
Fisherman using net - Marine Nylon Twine
Seine Netting


Marine nylon twine sets the standard for quality and value. Made to exact specifications to fill the required needs of today’s industry. Each tube is fully wound and carries the proper amount of footage for its weight. Marine nylon seine twine is a far superior grade of twine of even diameter and strength.

Sizes #15 through #36 are an 8-strand single braid construction.
Sizes #42 through #333 are 16-strand single braid construction.

  • 100% Nylon
  • Gangion available upon request
  • Available in Black, Gold and White

dura twine
twine for commercial fishing
twine for commercial fishing